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Click here: Why Is Truck Transportation Essential to U.S. Agriculture?
To improve the efficiency of transporting raw, unprocessed agricultural
and forest products from farms and forests to processing facilities.

Contacting your Member of Congress

  • E-mail, fax, or phone is best (conventional letters are delayed for security screening)
  • For best routing, e-mail using the module on your member of congress's individual web site (find sites for
         House Members here and Senate members here.
  • Fax numbers are provided on members' individual web sites, usually on the home page.
  • Want to phone? Check your member's web site for the direct number, or phone the U.S. Capitol Switchboard
         at 202/224-3121 to be directed.
  • ALWAYS include your complete residential address in any communication.

Your Message

  • Speak from your own experience.
  • Provide specific facts and recommendations.
  • Refer to specific legislation, with the bill name and number, when applicable.
  • Be courteous.

The following web site contain additional practical tips about communicating with Congress:

AgTEC anticipates congressional action during the debate and action on the 2009 Transportation Reauthorization process.

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